Credit Balance Refunds to IBAN

Credit Balance Refund to IBAN Request for Physical Person Provisions

We would like to inform you, that any change can be performed only by the contract partner.

To submit your request you must attach the following documents:

  • An official bank document (e.g. copy/photo of passbook or payroll card or screenshot from e-banking, etc.) bearing the IBAN number of the account and the name of the customer as account holder. If the customer does not hold a bank account in his/her name, he should attach a Solemn Declaration (certified by a Citizen Service Center, a Police Department, or by a third person, who will state that he/she accepts the transfer of the amount of x€ related to the power supply with contract number x of the contracting party (the name of the customer) to the bank account that he/she holds under the IBAN number GR xxxxxxxxxxx.
  • Copy of ID Card (both sides) or Passport of the applicant.

Special Cases

  • Death Certificate of customer.
  • Solemn Declaration of Law N1566/86 in which the applicant as the beneficiary will state that he/she is the sole heir of the deceased customer. If there are more heirs, a separate solemn declaration by each of the heirs, also certified for authenticity of signature by a competent public authority (Citizen Service Center, a Police Department, or in which he/she will affirm his/her consent also listing the names of the remaining heirs.

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